Journaling to Love Myself

21 days of therapeutic journaling via WhatsApp

I want you to fall in love with the person you see in the mirror.

Writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery that allows us to look inward and get to know ourselves better. Writing serves to release, to cathart, to understand, to question, to forgive, to reflect, to think, and to discover that the changes we want to see in our reality start from within and radiate outward.

taller de journaling online

And that's where JOURNALING and writing as therapy come in.

All it takes is dedicating a few minutes of our day (between 5 to 15 minutes) to start experiencing the benefits of journaling and feel happier, calmer, more confident, and in a better mood.

I always say that when I write, I see myself. And the truth is, every time I finish writing, I feel lighter, happier, and with higher self-esteem.

Experience WRITING TO LOVE YOURSELF. Reconnect with your confidence, security, SELF-LOVE, and boost your SELF-ESTEEM, so that you can start planting the positive changes you want to see reflected on the outside. It's time for you to love yourself unconditionally.

How does this 21-day course work?


You'll receive an ebook with an introduction to the world of journaling: different types of journaling you can do and tips to stay motivated in practice.


I will grant you access to a WhatsApp group where you will receive the daily material. The group is solely for receiving information.


Each day, you will receive a journaling prompt with a powerful question to connect with, work on, and nurture your self-love.


Every day, you will receive a positive affirmation and a song related to the theme of the day to accompany your writing moment.

Who is it aimed at?

No writing skills or journaling experience are required. Just a strong desire to start building this self-awareness habit.

This journey of self-love begins on September 18th
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Your guide during this journey

Hi, I´m Luisa

I'm Lu, a writer, coach, art therapist, and a creative soul by nature. Writing is not only my job but also my hobby and the powerful tool through which I express myself, heal, connect, cathart, and activate my creativity and personal power.

My work is divided into two different yet complementary types of writing: On one hand, I dedicate myself to marketing writing as a copywriter and brand storyteller on (my personal brand), and on the other, I inspire people on a quest to discover themselves to embrace and integrate the habit of writing into their lives through my brand

For me, my words are the way I release all the words I don't say out loud, and my numerous notebooks and personal diaries are my safe haven.

Remember, life can be lived twice: once when we live the moment, and again when we remember it on paper.


No, you don’t need prior writing experience. The course is designed for people of all levels, from beginners to those with writing experience.

You only need access to a device with an internet connection and the ability to receive messages on Telegram, as mentioned earlier.

It is recommended to spend between 5 and 15 minutes a day to complete the journaling exercises, but you can adjust it based on your availability.

 The course includes an ebook introduction to the world of journaling, 21 days of powerful questions to get to know yourself, and resources that will accompany you in this experience.

Of course, you can send the payment to phone number 35699758331.